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Magazin De Saltele

fixed price   Budget: $2501-$5000 - Posted on 2015-02-23 08:09:23 by Adelinam

Caut programator pentru un magazin de saltele online cu experienta si cunostinte bune in design. Un exemplu de magazin de tip clasic pentru magazin de saltele este giuliaconfort... More

Bids: 2  (average: $3500) Posted in: Freelance Web Design Jobs

Unlock File Online And Send To Me/ 100 Dollar

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2015-02-16 13:07:25 by Michel2012

hello every one ! I have problem and the first one who is going to fix this problem I will send him 50 dollar directly to his account ! There is a password uploaded online and I cant download it because I need to complete a survey and the survey doesn't work in my country ! so if you are interested and able to take care of this survey just download the document txt which has the link of the password file uploaded that i want to download and get it ! check the link and try to complete the survey and download the file and send me a message if you did then I hire you and you send me the file... More

Bids: 2  (average: $275) Posted in: Freelance System Administration Jobs

Interior Design Company In London

fixed price   Budget: $2501-$5000 - Posted on 2015-02-12 11:18:42 by EvaSmeenk

We are actively looking for a new website design for our new branch in London, to be more specific: We need to build a site for interior design company... More

Bids: 8  (average: $3550) Posted in: Freelance Web Design Jobs

Online Dating Site

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2015-02-10 05:50:04 by Anthonygarba

This a is a dating website focused on stylish individuals the individual will pick a category that aligns with that individuals style of fashion this will also be a search function More

Bids: 5  (average: $840) Posted in: Freelance Web Design Jobs

Real Estate Mobile Application

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2015-02-10 02:42:55 by Archdesignhub

I need a Mobile app with the following features:

Bids: 4  (average: $850) Posted in: Freelance Mobile App Development Jobs

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