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Dash Cam

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-07-23 05:18:38 by Victorian9

I am looking for an application that can record video as well as maps and preview after recording it it has to be developed in ibm workilight using phoneGap and java script, jquery mobile More

Bids: 1  (average: $1000) Posted in: Freelance Mobile App Development Jobs

Service Station Locator

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-07-20 23:46:07 by Hmtan

Would like to develop a mobile application in English and Chinese language with the following features - Services Highlights - Nearest Service Station Locator with contact features - Service Station Directory - Reminders Features - Info and Setting - Content Management System for the above Using Shell Motorist Mobile Application as reference More

Bids: 3  (average: $1167) Posted in: Freelance Mobile App Development Jobs


fixed price   Budget: $1001-$2500 - Posted on 2014-07-19 11:43:53 by Abe123

Magento ecommerce project, Small 80 product or so website integrated to Google product feeds, SEO friendly. No graphic work required.

Bids: 5  (average: $1840) Posted in: Freelance Ecommerce Jobs

Magento Developer

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-07-11 02:35:45 by Stanleywhesss

I'm in need of a talented Magento developer who can port the functionality of an installed extension to the mobile version of the website. We're using this Magento extension for the mobile site: We installed another extension that lets us set any product to "Free Shipping"... More

Bids: 7  (average: $850) Posted in: Freelance Application Development Jobs

To Sell Well. Sales Of Health Food

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-07-01 02:02:25 by Jai27

To sell well. Sales of health food and commissions. 20%. Compensation and other. Just take the goods to sell. Sell, accepted.

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