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Membership Website

fixed price   Budget: $2501-$5000 - Posted on 2014-10-22 11:54:00 by Yahara

Membership website with email autoresponder, 1 free and 3 paid sections, mobile /tablet compatibility , facebook login, Paypal payment integration, small e-shop for ebooks and audio,, An email will be send to members each day with their specific info and automatic link insertion to affiliate offers... More

Bids: 2  (average: $3800) Posted in: Freelance Web Design Jobs

An Expert Hacker Required

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-10-17 10:28:40 by Jonathan

I need an expert hacker or person who can visit my website and carefull examine it and find bugs in my website. E-mail me about the bugs and cost for fixing it. More

Bids: 1  (average: $500) Posted in: Freelance Scripts and Utilities Jobs

PHP And Wordpress Expert Required

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-10-17 04:15:08 by Jonathan

Hello freelancers I need a wordpress website exactly like Job will be given on best bids.

Bids: 5  (average: $660) Posted in: Freelance CMS Jobs

Wanted: Android Database Form Developer

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-10-07 01:21:39 by Jesskung88

Hi netizens we are looking for an android application with forms and database support. After capturing the data, it sends the data to a collection server... More

Bids: 2  (average: $1000) Posted in: Freelance Mobile App Development Jobs

C# Programming

fixed price   Budget: $250-$1000 - Posted on 2014-10-04 12:31:08 by Starking9b

I can making c# program with database

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